We’re back with our latest edition of ‘Top Travel Essentials’, where we delve into the suitcase of top artists from around the globe to discover what they really take on tour with them and the items they can’t seem to live without.

This time we catch up with Colorado based Big Gigantic about their travel essentials before they head out across the States for festivals Voodoo and Waterfront.

We also share some exclusive pictures from their sold out headline shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre featuring incredible 3D performances.

Photo credit by Chester Pink, Collin Taylor, and Jason Siegel.

Where and when did you go on your last trip & what’s coming up next for you?

We?re right in the middle of a trip at the moment. Out playing a college show this evening. In a couple weekends we head to New Orleans to play a super cool festival called Voodoo!

What 5 items are the first in your suitcase when you’re packing for a tour?

Dopp kit, Clothes, Shoes, Sax, Computer.

You guys recently played two huge shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. How did they go?

They were INCREDIBLE! We?re very lucky to call our Red Rocks shows our hometown shows every year. We work a lot of the year to bring something special home every year and it really gets better and better for us each year.

This year was really just an incredibly special one for us. Just really feel the love from our fans. Felt like we really nailed it! Btw, both shows were in 3D (we gave everyone glasses). Its was so crazy!

We all get that 5am hunger after attending a festival or show. Do you have a post-set favourite feed?


What’s your most valuable piece of technology for touring?

Definitely my computer.

Tell us about your new single ?Where I Wanna Be?, how did the record come together?

We?re loving our new song!! This one has a perfect mix of all of the musical elements that sort of define our music. The funky piano at the start with the soulful vocals, a nice funky drop with a dope sax solo in the middle and with this soaring melody to finish the whole song off. We?re loving it!

You guys have had a busy run of US dates across the summer. Any favourite destinations that spring to mind?

We’ve played lots of really fun shows but our Red Rocks show took the cake this summer.

Even though the festival season is over you guys have dates like Voodoo Festival and Waterfront Festival coming up, have you guys played either before?

We played Voodoo several years ago but never Waterfront Festival. Waterfront Fest is in San Diego right near the ocean so that should be a really fun one!!

What do you most look forward to when you get home from tour?

Family and Sleeeeeeep!

Keep up to date with Big Gigantic on their socials below.


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