What could be better than finding serenity and balance during your adventure holiday at a yoga retreat? Here are some of the best yoga retreats from around the world to help you reconnect with your inner self, nature and commit to healthy living.

Nirbana Yoga, Paddle Boarding and Surf Retreat – Sri Lanka

Website: Nirbana Yoga – Sri Lanaka

Immerse in a blissful seaside yoga, paddle boarding and surfing experience at Nirbana in Southern Sri Lanka. The colonial villa nestles close to the Indian Ocean and a river surrounded by exotic wildlife. Flexibility and spontaneity are hallmarks of Nirbana where luxurious amenities and access to a tropical garden will allow you to escape the mundane. The retreat facilitates yoga sessions led by experienced yogis, but does not try to impose strict guidelines on guests. You’ll be free to learn or perfect your practice at your own personal space. The retreat location provides easy access to some sought after surf breaks and the historical town of Galle with its world heritage Dutch Fort. Nirbana is well suited for those free spirits who wish to pursue peace on their own terms. You’ll be in paradise.

Rasa Retreat – India

Website: Rasa Retreat – India

Rasa retreat in neighbouring India, Goa to be specific is ideal for serious yogis who seek a complete yoga experience. Knowledgeable teachers instruct students at the tranquil and sublime setting of Rasa Retreat. The facilitators at the retreat are well versed in providing patient and careful guidance to help you rejuvenate and create lasting memories of your holiday. But make sure that you make time off from your yoga schedule to explore nearby sights such as Srinagar and the spell bounding jungle.

Go Natural Retreat – Jamaica

Website: Go Natural Retreat – Jamaica

Still on the tropical theme here, if you love tropical holidays surrounded by vibrant hues of the ocean and trees, Go Natural Jamaica retreat is one of the best options around. In addition to yoga, you’ll be able to go horseback riding, snorkel to have ‘rendezvous’ with sea creatures and explore waterfalls. The retreat provides light yet nutritious meals well-suited to a yogic lifestyle. You’ll get to bite into plenty of luscious, colourful fruit and satiate your thirst with healthy yet delectable smoothies. Go Natural Jamaica offer two yoga sessions daily for beginners and more advanced classes for experienced yogis.

Adiwana Resort –  Ubud – Bali

Website: Adiwana Resort –  Ubud – Bali

If you seek a bit of pampering at the hands of professionals, Ubud luxury yoga retreat is your go to place. They enhance their yoga experience with daily Ayurvedic spa treatment. You can start your morning at the retreat with an hour of yoga led by professionals. An hour of meditation and two hours of spa treatment are part of the retreat’s daily routine. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, the retreat serves guest fruit baskets with tea. Talk about indulgence!

Fykiada Retreats – Greek Islands

Website: Fykiada Retreats – Greek Islands

Fykiada organizes yoga retreats at elite locations on the Greek islands. Each retreat is taught by world-renowned teachers. If you are looking for a unique experience that meets your specific needs, Fykiada will be a perfect fit. The organizers pay immaculate attention to each detail of retreats starting from picking idyllic seaside locations, elegant interiors to thoughtful welcome gifts. Whether you are vegan or prefer to eat conventional fare, you’ll get to enjoy the life giving nature of Greek food curated to your preferences during your holiday.

Akasha Yoga and wellness – Transylvania

Website: Akasha Yoga and wellness – Transylvania

Yoga in Count Dracula territory may sound out of place but Akasha Yoga and wellness retreat perfectly blends its story book charm with serenity of the yoga way of life. The retreat is located in a quaint village up in the salubrious mountains of Transylvania. You’ll be able to breathe in pure, fresh mountain air and go for quiet walks in the meadows. They serve healthy, home-cooked vegan food and let guests rest deeply and savour peace in abundance. You’ll be up in the clouds.

Body and Mind Holidays – Greece

Website: Body and Mind Holidays – Greece

If you seek wellness, Body and Mind Holidays on Vouliagmeni Greece offer the perfect combination of daily yoga and therapeutic water exercises. Set in in hilly Vouliagmeni, not too far away from Athens, this retreat offers easy access to those who wish to explore beaches and discover mountains. They provide plenty of activities including trekking and Greek meal preparation classes and of course daily yoga and pilates.

The Retreat – Costa Rica

Website: The Retreat – Costa Rica

The Retreat Costa Rica provides a learning experience in how to nourish, strengthen and heal your mind and body. Sitting atop the quartz mountain, the retreat beckons guests with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and luxurious facilities. They have a spa and a pool to let you relax. The retreat’s carefully designed wellness and healing programme explores yoga, culinary experiences and peace of mind.

Sagrada Wellness Retreat – USA

Website: Sagrada Wellness Retreat – USA

Sitting comfortably on a tranquil hilltop in Santa Margarita, California, the Sagrada Wellness retreat invites you to disconnect from technology, practice yoga diligently, meditate and nourish your body with organic food. The retreat itself is a little quirky and offers a boutique style experience.

Yoga with Perumal – Morocco

Website: Yoga with Perumal – Morocco

The mountain setting of this retreat in Marrakech presents a panoramic view of North Africa, inviting you to challenge your mind’s perspectives. In fact, this was one of Morocco’s first ever mountain retreats. You’ll get to escape far away from the maddening crowd, ease into peace and get on with your yoga practice with guidance from experienced teachers. In short, breathe deep and seek peace.

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