Rising Mexican DJ/producer Benito Bazar has shared his debut single, ‘Back To Life’ featuring Nigerian/American soul artist, Tinuade.

‘Back To Life’ is a reimagination of Soul II Soul’s timeless classic, co-produced by Nicky Night Time (NAATIONS / Van She) and includes rich vocal textures of Tinuade. Benito says of his release, “‘Back To Life’ has always been one of my favourite tracks and seems more relevant now than ever, I wanted to give this some new life and my utmost respect to one of the best records of all time.”

Today, a new leader of the free world takes office, whilst millions of doses of vaccines are being distributed around the globe – and with this, most of us have a renewed sense of hope that we can finally get “back to reality”.

Next month, Benito will release a short film for ‘Back To Life’ which he directed alongside visual artist Hanna Beširević. Ready to soundtrack the brighter days of 2021, Benito Bazar’s debut single is a remarkable rendition of a legendary track.


We have all felt the need to escape into another world at points over the last few months.. Have any music products helped you to do this? (e.g. noise cancelling headphones for on the move, sleep apps etc)

Ableton! Working on music and making mixtapes is all the escape I need.

Have you found any apps really useful when traveling locally or when trying to keep fit?

I have this app called insight timer, it’s a meditation based app that is super good.

What products have you purchased over the last few months, which have helped you to find new spots to go to which are safe for social distancing etc?

I bought some new sneakers so I can walk further away from people.

How has the lack of international travel options affected you? Where have you been based (you are from Mexico, are you there now?)

Si, I’m at my house in Mexico City, I’ve had a few trips around Mexico to break up the time… I’m for sure looking forward to some international travel.

Have you hired a campervan, bought any cool products for camping or simply been to a cool local holiday spot? Or what has been your favourite thing to do on a night in?

My friend Andres Saavedra just opened a self sustained community at the beach near Zihutenejo called MUSA (Modern Utopian Society Of Adventurers) the name says it all
My favorite thing to do at night is cook and listen to Jazz.

Tell us more about your current exciting music project – “Back to Life” & a new skill you are learning?

The original is one of my favorite records of all time, and given the current situation the world is in, it felt more relevant now than ever, I wanted to give the song some new life and my utmost respect to one of the best records of all time, the main skill I try to put into practice in my everyday life is empathy and gratitude.

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