Hailing from Los Angeles, visionary producer and DJ Justin Caruso has quickly cemented a global fan-base with his unique blend of emotionally-rich melodies and future-pop sound.

We caught up with Justin on his North American tour ?The Good Parts? to find out a bit more about his influences, favourite hang-outs in LA, his new single and more.

Where are you from and when did you begin making music?

I am from LA! I started making music early on in high school. I was always into sports, especially basketball, but got injured and got really involved with music from then on.

You can listen to ‘Good Parts’ here.

Tell us the inspiration behind your single ‘Good Parts??

Good Parts is all about how we constantly reflect on the bad parts of a relationship, but we should never forget all the good that came from it and helped us grow as people. I wanted to make a fun dance track to pair with M?di’s vocals. I always love producing songs that can brighten moods and get the dance floor going, and I felt Good Parts does just that!

You’re currently on  ?The Good Parts? tour. Are there any particular shows/cities you?re most excited about visiting?

?: Braden Stuchen

Big cities are always so much fun! I just played LA with Loud Luxury, which was awesome. Such good dudes, and such a great crowd to play in front of. I have a few more shows with them coming up, so I am really looking forward to those! Beyond those, there are some new cities and venues on this tour that i haven’t played yet. Playing something/somewhere new is always exciting.

When you’re on tour, do you do research on places to check out in cities you go to ahead of time?

Definitely! I always reach out to friends/family/fans for recommendations on things to do, especially for dining.

You also recently released a follow up single ?Can?t Live Without?. What can you tell us about the concept behind the single?

This was something different for me for sure. I wanted to give this a future style pop vibe because I loved Wyn’s voice so much and thought it pair uniquely with this style. I went through quite a few versions of this particular track, but am so happy with how it ended up – one of my favourite singles to date!

Beach club or sweaty rave?

Haha! I would say depends on the weather, but tough to beat a beach club on a summer day!

Who are your main musical influences?

I would say The Chainsmokers & Porter Robinson are the two biggest influences on the music that I make. Early on I took a liking to their sounds and what they have done with their careers is so admirable!

What are your favourite local bars/cafes/restaurants in LA?

Shorebar is one of my favourite spots to go to on the weekends. Such a fun spot to grab drinks and party at! As far as dining, there is so much good food in LA, so it’s tough to pick one…Manpuku and Blue Ribbon are up there for me.

Shorebar in LA…

What’s your dream festival to play at?

I have a long list of places I would love to play at! Coachella and Ultra Miami are probably at the top for me in terms of festivals. I go to both just about every year and hope to one day be there as an artist.

What’s coming up for you next?

MUSIC! Just trying to get all of this music out into the world. Shooting for a release just about every month :).

Thanks Justin!

You can keep up to date with him on the socials below.


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