Dedicated, hardworking and energetic, ?rjan Nilsen has been making waves around the globe. His lively performances and high energy sets have garnered him gigs at some of the most iconic clubs and biggest festivals in the world.

We threw ?rjan some questions about his home in Norway, his favourite festival and more.

?Don?t Need To Know Your Name?

Where are you from?

A small but beautiful little town in Northern Norway called Kirkenes.


What are the best things about your home town?

The people there and the fact it?s quiet, amazingly scenic and in general a very tranquil place! Some friends of mine call it Narnia, it?s probably the closest you can get to this in real life! 🙂

Do you have any suggestions on places to go/eat/drink/party in your home town?

Loads of them, oddly enough considering its size! Should def check out a place called Salt for some amazing dining, also need to go for a King Crab Safari! And for drinks? My little kitchen island seems to be a very popular place amongst my friends! Haha!


What’s on your rider?

Beers and a gin called Monkey 47!

Beach club or sweaty rave?

How about a sweaty beach club?

What’s your opinion on the craze of DJ’s jumping up on the decks whilst playing?

I mean to each their own, but for myself I think I jump enough behind the decks!

You’re playing at ADE in Amsterdam in October. Have you been before? If so, what are your favourite bars, restaurants, things to do in the city?

Oh I?ve been many times, both in Amsterdam and ADE and it?s always an awesome time! If you?re a fan of spare ribs (I am!) I?d suggest to everyone to go to De Nachtwacht in Rembrandts Square! I go there so often that they have a picture of me in the kitchen.

Tell us about your new album…

It?s the culmination of one year intense work! It?s my new flagship sort of speak! I have poured a lot of my heart and soul into this to make sure people can hear the amount of passion put into each track, and how I?ve tried to put a thin red line through 14 very different tracks! Hence the title: ?The Devil Is In The Detail?!

At ADE this year, you and some friends will be offering a masterclass. How important do you feel it is to continue to promote the art of DJ’ing to all?

This is actually a production masterclass, to show a select number of people how all of us work on different platforms, while still having (most likely) a lot of the same workflow and rate! It?s good to show aspiring producers from around the world what we do and help them take their talent to the next level!

What’s your favourite festival and why?

Oh this is always so hard.. There are sooo many amazing festivals out there it?s technically impossible to pick a favourite! I think if I had to choose one, it?d be Tomorrowland, as that is the one I?ve played the most and the entire team (of those I have met) are absolutely amazing!

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