Beginning his music career in 2012 with debut single ?One Day (Vandaag)?, Dutch DJ and producer Bakermat has grown into one of the most sought-out acts in dance music.

Known for producing genre-bending music with a fresh and original approach, Bakermat spoke to us about his hometown hangouts, his recent trip to Hong Kong and his essential travel items.

Check out his latest track ?Ba?ana?

Where do you live?


What are your favourite places there to eat, drink, relax, party should in Amsterdam?

The pretty new Soho House is amazing, with a rooftop pool and great view over the city.

Soho House, Amsterdam

Eat: I also love going to restaurants like Panache, Pastis, Toscanini.

Drink: Best place to drink is Duke of Tokio or Chin Chin Club!

What?s your go-to drink?

I love a good Negroni.

Post-show meal and revival breakfast?.

Fresh pasta! For breakfast I really like a traditional English breakfast – especially the sausages!

Favourite and least favourite mode of transport & why?

Favourite is by foot or bike. Least is plane, I really dislike the discomfort and everything taking very long. Of course there’s also the negative impact it has on our environment.

Your favourite festival & why?

Shambhala festival in Canada. It’s absolutely nuts, a big play garden for adults. Basically you can listen to great music, dance and dress however you want in the middle of the Canadian woods, far away from everything.

Shambhala festival

Beach club or sweaty rave?

Sweaty rave, I really love dark sweaty clubs. Even though my music fits the beach club way better haha.

What places have you been lucky enough to visit recently?

I’ve been to Hong Kong recently, it’s one of my favourite cities in the world. Some great hotspots are:

The Dim Sum Library – a big diverse Dim Sum menu, great Tea too.

Ho Lee Fook – amazing food and interior.

Hutong  – great food and a stunning view of the city.

What are your secrets for looking after yourself on tour?

Sleep. I always try to sleep as much as possible on tour. I believe this is the best way to stay healthy!

What are the 5 essential things you pack when going on tour?

Bose Noisecancelling Headphones – the ultimate defence for baby’s on the plane.

Books – I really love reading and it gives me rest when I have a stressful travel schedule.

Laptop –  I do all of my work on one laptop (it has 4tb of internal ssd).

My performance outfit – it’s the thing most people recognize me from.

Travel pillow – it’s an absolute essential when you travel a lot!

What?s next for you?

I have a really cool release coming with UK producer Kidda, and I’m gonna launch my merch in 2020! So a lot of super cool things to come next year.

You can keep up to date with Bakermat on his socials below!


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