Fortunate to grow up around the rich club culture of NYC and influenced by the sounds around him, Avision now finds himself helping to usher in a new wave of techno for the New York scene.  Over the last couple of years, he?s had releases on a range of influential labels like Ellum, EI8HT, Drumcode, Mindshake and Hardgroove. Starting out on the turntables when he was just 12 years old, he maybe young, but over his career to date he has managed to carve out and develop a trademark chunky sound that is undeniably catchy. We can be sure to see his name popping up a lot in the next 24 months. Watch this space.

Where are you from?

I?m originally from Staten Island in New York City, and now I reside in New Jersey.

How can you best describe your sound?

NYC Techno.  It?s groovy, chunky, melodic, housey? a little bit of everything.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Chicago.  Michael and Quincy are two of the best to ever do it. The music they made is timeless. I learned so much from the records they made including ?Thriller? and ?Off The Wall?. They especially gave each instrument its own space and identity in the mix of a record.

Growing up I played drums and learned to play keyboard by ear. Chicago is one of the bands I learned from that can do it all. Jazz, rock, funk, soul, they can play it all.  That?s what I?ve modelled my sound off of; being able to blend certain genres without people realizing it.

DJ-wise: Carl Cox, Victor Calderone, Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia and Ben Sims

If someone was visiting your hometown for the first time, where should they check out?

Yankee stadium.  I?m a huge baseball fan and if you want to learn what NY culture is all about you can never go wrong with a Yankee game (if they allow them again lol).  

Any well-known pizzeria from NYC is a must to check out too.  My personal favorites would be: Di Fara, L&B and John?s.

Beach Club, sweaty rave or acoustic night?

Sweaty rave.  Who the f**k likes a beach club?! LOL

Tell us more about your track on Drumcode for Layton Giordani?

?Power? is an original track that myself, Layton and Cevin Fisher all collaborated on.  Cevin wrote the amazing vocals for us to work with. Layton and I have known each other since we were kids ? 13 or 14 years old playing teen nights in New York. It?s cool to collaborate on this record with him since we both have different sounds and are both from NY.

The track sends out a really positive message, and during these times I think that speaks volumes. It?s being released as part of Layton?s album on Drumcode ?New Generation? which comes out on the 22nd September.


Your Disco EP on Mindshake earlier this year was standout. Such good vibes. What bought on the change of sound?

I?ve always loved disco and been a fan and always play it in my sets.  Now that I have a name for myself production-wise, I felt like it was time to switch it up and show the other side of my sound.

What label are you most excited to be releasing on in the next 12 months and why?

I?ve been working on something special that I haven?t done yet, and it?ll be released on Maceo Plex?s Ellum label coming up.

Finally, what?s behind the name Avision?  We?ve heard it pronounced different ways, so tell us how it?s meant to be said?

It?s my perspective on music, my perspective on art.  It?s my vision.  A lot of people pronounce it ?Eh-vision?, but the ?A? is actually pronounced like the word ?Apple?.

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